Analytical Application of MapGIS for Quality Control in Geological Map Spatial Database Constructing

  • Shandong Institute of Geological Survey, Jinan 250013, China

Received date: 2011-07-12

  Revised date: 2011-12-01

  Online published: 2011-12-25


The emphasis of Geological Map Spatial Database constructing is the quality control throughout each step. For the quality of the data directly affects the accuracy and reliability of the results of the analysis in using GIS, and for deviations exist objectively in all the basic spatial geological information, quality control is the inherent demand in constructing Geological Map Spatial Database. Through the analysis of quality problems which may arise from building of the regional geological map spatial database based on MapGIS, especially in the process of map pretreatment, digitization, vectorization, error correction, topological reconstruction, attribute input and projection transformation, the authors try to find the solutions and preventive measures, so as to implement the control of quality, most minimize the deviations of spatial data, improve the efficiency of mapping and precision of spatial data, and provide better service for the public application fields of spatial database, such as the constructing of national economy, the developing of regional planning and the protecting of geological environment.

Key words: space database; quality; MapGIS

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MA Yuhong, WANG Jicun, XIE Songshi . Analytical Application of MapGIS for Quality Control in Geological Map Spatial Database Constructing[J]. Journal of Geo-information Science, 2011 , 13(6) : 758 -762 . DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1047.2011.00758


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